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Objective: to determine the essence, the impact and the main features of informational support of penal system operatively-search activities of the Russian Federation. Methods: comparison, generalization, observation, systemic analysis, data grouping, theoretical cognition, the method of analogy and historical method. Results: basing on the comparative law analysis of scientific law literature and statistical characteristics, the historical background is revealed the presence of the informational classification system based on the division into separate groups of elements of identification signs and symptoms of a crime. The classification criteria are the objects of registration as well as the means and methods of obtaining information, describing the objects of registration significantly changed. The information support operatively-search activities is defined as a monitoring process with the aim of gathering and analyzing relevant information, the disclosure of the reasons for the penal crime, the formation of the priorities of crime prevention in prisons. The essence of information provision is expressed in a specific law and organizational forms implemented in order to protect the personal safety and security of inmates and are the specific function of the control action of the executive power in the face of operational prison staff. Scientific novelty: for the first time on the basis of the presented methods, the article studies the essence of the information support on the operatively-search activities in penal system. Practical significance: the main provisions and conclusions of the article can be used in scientific and teaching activities in addressing issues of penal security.

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Investigation of crime, Penal institutions, Operatively-search activities
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