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Objective: Acceleration technology upgrades, increase competition for resources, globalization, development of information technologies and the wide availability of modern production technology makes it especially important issues of the modernization management of industrial enterprises as the main stream of their development. Methods: Systemic, historical and comparative analysis of the modernization theories. Statistical economic analysis of technological environment of industrial enterprises and modernization directions within the framework of the innovative economy development. Results: Justified on objective, statistical data confirmed the need for systemic modernization of the enterprises, including a comprehensive technical (technological, informational and human resources) update for solving tasks of ensuring the production of competitive products. Analysis and synthesis of existing domestic and foreign scholars definition of modernization has allowed to define two fundamentally different approaches: modernization as a local process of improvement and modernization as the process of introduction of new approaches or enhance existing approaches to updating in the industry, including in the framework of overcoming technological dependence. The proposed development project approach to the management of modernization of the industry through the establishment of the project office as a system administrator of the Association of industrial enterprises for their comprehensive modernization. For the project office defined the functional tasks in the field of industrial, technological and consulting engineering. Scientific novelty: for the first time based on the results of the analysis of approaches to the implementation of modernization in the article justified the introduction of the coordination forms of projects realization for modernization of enterprises included in the Associations (clusters, networks of competencies, strategic alliances) - project office for modernization of the industry at the sectoral and regional levels. Practical significance: The main provisions and conclusions of the article can be used in research activities in the study of the modernization processes and administrative activity for solving problems of technological and technical updates.

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modernization, industry, project, project office, competition, coordination, engineering, cluster
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