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Objective: to substantiate and to develop the content, criteria, indicators and development levels of the operational component of primary school teacher’s social competence, to choose research methods, to identify and describe the changes that occurred in the process of postgraduate pedagodical education. Methods: diagnostic methods - theoretical (analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, comparison, generalization, abstraction, classification, systematic approach); sociological (questionnaires, expert polls); socio-pedagogical methods (teaching observation and experiment); mathematical, statistical (method of averaging, paired comparisons, correlation analysis) and general research methods (analysis of literature, state nomenclature documents; modeling, method of terminological analysis, method of definitions). Results: the paper substantiates the content of operational component of primary school teacher’s social competence, gives broad and generalized description of its criteria (facility and success in solution of social problems and tasks for children and teaching staff), indicators (describe the ability to solve social problems of children and teaching staff), and development levels (high, sufficient, medium, and low). The selected diagnostic methods helped to identify the development level of the component under study, describe the changes that occurred in its development in postgraduate pedagogical education, contributed to the effective reliability of our characteristics of the development process in the system of postgraduate pedagogical education (SPPE), facilitated achieving the goal of our reseach. Scientific novelty: the article deals with the content of operational component in the improved structure of primary school teacher’s social competence; it specifies the criteria, indicators and development levels of primary school teacher’s social competence in SPPE, taking into account the peculiarities of socio-professional activities; questionnaires have been worked out and the validity of the scientific and technological system of complex sustained development of the operating component in the above mentioned competence in postgraduate pedagogical education has been experimentally tested. Practical importance: main provisions and conclusions of the article can be used in research and teaching, they provide foundation for further research on the formation of future teacher’s social competence in particular.

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social competence, primary school teacher, operational component, criteria, indicators, development levels
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