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The digital economy currently covers all spheres of life, so the question of its study is relevant for all countries’ economies, and the transition from the existing model of the economy to a new model of the digital economy helps to increase economic freedom, increase income and living standards of the population. In this regards, studying transformation model of developed countries is much emphasized in developing countries. Objective: to study digital transformation model of UK and discuss barriers for its development in Uzbekistan, as well as presenting some recommendations to enhance the transformation process. Methods: generalization, observation and data grouping. Results: as a result of this research, deep understanding of UK’s digital transformation can be imagined. Also, some recommendations has been identified to envisage Uzbekistan’s future digital transformation way. Scientific novelty: this article uses the decree of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Measures for the Development of Digital Economy in the Republic of Uzbekistan” to figure out solutions to accelerate digital transformation. Practical significance: article can be used to learn from Great Britain’s digital economy transformation strategy and recommendations as well as conclusions can give practical ideas to advance Uzbekistan’s current digital transformation.

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digital transformation, internet, strategy, model, information communication technologies, digital economy
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