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Introduction. An important task of modern education is to provide a high level of general and vocational training specialists who possess knowledge and skills system, can think logically and problem, are able to combine theoretical and practical knowledge. Therefore, the biochemistry course study is necessary to organize the learning process in a way that is combined regulatory fundamental part and skills with professional orientation. Methods. Usage of scientific and methodical publications, the educational research methods, and also agrochemistry department practical material, chemical and general biological sciences of Podilskyi State Agrarian and Engineering University. In the process of writing the article, methods of analysis, systematization of scientific and methodological literature sources, generalization of theoretical data were used. Results. In this article it is proved the proper use importance and combination of different forms and methods of biochemistry course teaching for veterinary medicine students. One of the important approaches that transforms the higher education system is the competency approach, which requires the formation of skills to create the conditions for mastering the competency complex. The competency approach is aimed at forming a person capable of further vocational education, social and professional mobility. Compulsory components of any competence are relevant knowledge and skills. In studying the course of biochemistry students of natural sciences develop general competences, which allow them to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, to apply them in practical work to solve problems related to the future profession. The formation of general subject competences is based on the content of the subject, connected with the use of various pedagogical methods and teaching methods. This article proposes methods, forms and means of forming general subject competences in studying the course of biochemistry for students of natural sciences as a necessary condition for qualitative training of future specialists. The result of their implementation is active learning, the use of new forms of interaction between teacher and student, which improves the quality of learning. Discussion. In order to optimize the learning process is an important combination of different forms and methods as the methodological basis for teaching biochemistry.

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biochemistry, educational process, teaching methods, practical orientation of the course, interdisciplinary communication, chemical experiment, self-study, professional training
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